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Do you want to know what the universe has to tell you? Madam Katrina can help reveal the secrets through the Tarot. Both private and event Tarot readings are available.

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Victorian Tea and tea leaf reading.  Let Madam Katrina divine what the future holds for you and/or your friends with a relaxing Victorian tea sitting.

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Looking for an evening of spooky entertainment?

Reverend Crispy will guide you through a night of spooky entertainment. Is it real or is it illusion, we'll let you decide!

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Looking for a message from the beyond?  In our journeys we have learned many of the methods to reach through the veil. Séance sessions are available, these are best in groups and contact through the veil can be unpredictable.  We can help guide you in variouse methods of spirit communication through spirit boards, pendulums, etc.

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